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Hair and Scalp Care


Scalp health check to analyse your scalp condition



Hair Wash and Blow Dry service

RM 58


Suitable for dry / oily / sensitive / dandruff scalp. Through deep cleansing (peeling) and the use of scalp treatment machine, nutrient lotions penetrate deeply into your scalp and restore your scalp to a healthy condition.

70 MINUTES   RM 298


An effective treatment to address ageing scalp and hair loss caused by stress or hormonal changes. The treatment includes the use of highly concentrated ampoules to rebuild a healthy scalp and promote new hair growth.

80 MINUTES   RM 348

Keratin Treatment

Anti-Frizzy Hair Smoothing Treatment

SHORT HAIR  RM 400   |   MEDIUM HAIR  RM 600   |   LONG HAIR  RM 800

La Biosthetique Intensive Hair Care

Rebuilds hair from within and combats hair breakage and split ends. This intensive treatment gives hair weightless moisture and care, balances out the hair structure in minutes and detangles the hair.

RM 180

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